About Us

SPLENDID FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL Ltd. is a global logistics company birthed out of a genuine and strong desire to provide excellent customized logistics solutions that create value and supports the success of its customers.

Splendid Freight is a new way of thinking about how a logistics provider can contribute significantly to your value chain; we approach logistics from our customers’ point of view. We continuously seek to reduce the cost of our customers’ supply chain by utilizing state-of-the art solutions designed and implemented by professionals with unequal expertise in supply chain optimization.

Our 24/7 customized tracking tool on our company’s website enable customers to get online real-time status of every shipment thereby reducing the bottleneck of getting shipment update and enhancing customers’ experience.

Our leaders come from various sectors.

They share a passion to provide you with best practises in efficient logistics solutions that is hinged on true continuous improvement and cutting-edge technology coupled with operational excellence.

We operate through a worldwide network in 5839 member offices in 187 countries in 767 cities and ports around the world.

Our Mission

In Splendid Freight every customer is a stakeholder. Hence our mission is to provide integrated and customized logistics solutions for the supply chain optimization of our customers.

Our Vision

At Splendid Freight our vision is to add value to our customers supply chain.

Our Philosophy

In Splendid Freight, we recognise that the most valuable capital is human capital which is critical to the business success of our stakeholders. We ensure flexible communication with our customers and fast decision-making by our managers.
As a result, excellence and continuous improvement of our employees using global best practises is pertinent to us.

Our core values hinges on:

  • Professionalism
  • Friendship
  • Courtesy
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Continuous improvement

What we do & more...

Air Freight

In Splendid Freight, we operationally undertake air freight activities worldwide...

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Ocean Freight

Whether you are thinking of moving containerized, break bulk, oversized or project cargo, Splendid Freight can handle it all as no cargo is too large or too heavy for us...

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Trucking of Cargo is required at some point in the transport process. Whether it is container trucking, full load trucking or dedicated trucking within Nigeria and the West African Coast, Splendid Freight can handle it...

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Reverse Logistics

Due to the growing green concern and advancement in the green supply chain management processes and practices the Reverse Logistics has become necessary...

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