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Due to the growing green concern and advancement in the green supply chain management processes and practices, Reverse Logistics has become necessary.

Reverse logistics management will help in enhancing the sustainability initiative of our manufacturing customers by reducing cost of production materials, adding efficiency and improving the consumers experience.

Our aim is to optimize or make more efficient the aftermarket supply chain activity, thus whether you seek to ship defective products and parts from the customers to the manufacturing plant or distribution centers for the purpose of testing, dismantling, repairing, recycling or proper disposal of product that cannot be recycled or reused;
we can handle it effectively.


We are a global logistics company birthed out of a genuine and strong desire to provide excellent customized logistics solutions that create value and support the success of its customers.

Splendid Freight is a new way of thinking about how a logistics provider can contribute significantly to your value chain; we approach logistics from our customers′ point of view.

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